Joining the Running on Empty caucuses

Joining the ROE caucuses 

We have started a Running on Empty (ROE) caucus of Washington State Democrats .  We have also started a national ROE caucus.  The goal of this caucus is to bring more emphasis by our Party to the coming end of cheap oil and natural gas which will result in an extreme disaster
To become a member of our caucus we require some more information from you. If you agree or basically agree with the following statements and you are a Democrat, then we will accept you into our caucus.  Note we don’t get into HOW the population should be reduced.  I think that is a question for civil society.
  1. There are no sustainable energy sources that will rescue us at our current population levels.

2. Population reduction must be a part of any plan to rationally deal with peak oil (the end of cheap oil, natural gas, and coal), global climate change, biological/species decline, and natural resource depletion.  

3. Global climate change will only be mitigated with extremely stringent emissions policies that reduce consumption rates and this must be done before fossil fuels are depleted.

4. Absent immediate attention to peak oil, our government and/or political system have no chance whatsoever to react soon enough to help us.

Books about Problem(s)   Richard Heinberg             The Party’s Over Richard Heinberg             Power down James Kunstler                The Long Emergency Thom Hartmann               Unequal Protection David Korten                   Agenda for a New Economy


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